Visibility or Credibility?

Visibility or Credibility?

16th of October, 2018

One of my LinkedIn connections is very visible, he "likes" lots of posts, comments frequently and has around 2000 connections so he's fairly visible.  All these interactions invariably drives people to look at his profile.  And that where things go downhill.

A poor photo which doesn't look professional at all, he has a banner but its just a blown up version of his logo, and no summary. 
So the viewer who wants to find out more will scroll down and there's no information under Current Experience either.

So they look to the right, see who else people viewed and pick someone else's profile to look at instead.

Would you invest time ( and maybe money) sending people to your web site of you weren't happy with your content?  So don't do it on LinkedIn.  Spend a little time getting your profile up to speed.  Its not difficult.  If it is you're overthinking it!

Donald Munro Business Coach Scotland