Business and LinkedIn Training in Scotland

Business Coach Scotland was established in 2008 by principal Donald Munro on the simple business premise that :

"We will help business owners achieve what they want from their business, in terms of Balance, People and Profitability. As they become more successful those benefits are shared throughout the community. This in turn helps us to build our business and achieve our own goals."

Donald has over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and business development, and is passionate about helping business owners improve their performance; and the performance of their businesses. We have a number of coaches on our team who are all business owners who have gone through business start up, development and, in some cases, exit. You will find we have experience in sales, management, team building, finance, training, business development, LinkedIn, NLP, counselling, system & process creation and change management.

Most business owners know what they need to do to be successful, however life and work can get in the way. There are many distractions, both urgent and important. An external coach can be a sounding board who provides focus and above all accountability.

"Everyone needs a coach," Eric Schmidt, past CEO of Google