What is Business Coaching and why might it be valuable to me?

As a business owner you know what you need to do to be successful, to drive your business and to manage and lead your team. Success means different things to different people, it could be about maximising profitability, or building a super-productive team or helping you win time back from the business.

However knowing is one thing and getting it done is something quite different, also to quote Michael Gerber, ( The Emyth Revisited ) when you run your own business, at certain times you need to be the Manager, or the Technician or the Entrepreneur, or indeed a mix of all three .. and this is where your business coach comes in.

The way we see it; our role as your coach is to help you focus on improving your performance, and the performance of your team and therefore your business. Its about balance and accountability.

Like you, we are results focused; knowing your numbers is critical, and we have a set of standard processes and procedures that we go through with every client, because it works.

Business Coaching | Sales & Marketing | Business Coach Scotland

Business Coaching | Sales & Marketing | Business Coach Scotland

How does this work.

Your chosen coach will sit down with you on a regular basis, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly; and work through the areas that you have agreed to focus on.

There is no fixed contract and no notice period, at any time if either of us decides this isn't working for whatever reason, then we agree to either terminate or put on hold the process. We recommend that you give it 3-6 months as this not a short sharp fix, there may be challenges that need time to resolve.

As there are two parties in this relationship, the process may not work If you are not putting in the effort that you committed to then we shall look to review how we are working. For this reason we cannot guarantee results, however we do guarantee that if after 3 months you feel that the time, training and resoucres we have shared with you are not worth your investment, we will refund plus 10%.

The 5 Performance Factors

There are 5 key areas we focus on, Basics/ Building Blocks, Sales & Marketing, Systems, People and Leadership / Accountability. These areas often overlap and have an effect on each other.

Basics / Building Blocks - here we look at what the business is all about:

  • What is the vision and culture,
  • Planning & goal setting
  • Where are the bottlenecks in delivery ( quite often the business owner),
  • How do you manage finance, accounts and cashflow
  • How are you managing time.

Sales & Marketing - two very separate things

  • We will review the Business Blueprint, to focus on how we can maximise enquiries, conversion rate, sale value, repeat customers and margins.
  • How do we differentiate ourselves
  • What is our sales process.
  • Create a budgeted marketing plan

Systems - Every organisation needs systems to leverage their resources; equipment, people, ideas etc.

  • IT systems review
  • How are we measuring / reviewing KPI's
  • Creation of your "How we do it here Manual"

People - the most important asset of any business.

  • The value of TEAM
  • How to recruit
  • Creating roles and responsibilities
  • Managing KPI's
  • Communication skills
  • DISC behavioural profiling

Leadership & Accountability - We work with the business owner, board and / or stakeholders to ensure the business is being LED and not simply managed.

  • Motivating and Leading
  • Managing Difficult employees
  • Succession Planning
  • Delegation vs Abdication
  • Performance Management

Businesses and organisations like yours are so dependent on the people at the top to lead them into a successful future.

What you can expect from the coaching programme.

  • New ideas, tactics and strategies for sales, profits and cashflow.
  • A focused action plan for you and the business.
  • An outsiders perspective and someone to hold you accountable.
  • A source of business contacts.
  • Critiques of your work.
  • Honest feedback and communication.
  • We will work together on a stage by stage basis,- to get the business to where you want it to be. Timescales always vary and are dependent on the amount of time you have to put into the process.